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Dr. Dena DiNardo (she/her/hers) is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. She’s been active as a therapist since 2010. Her private practice currently offers HIPAA-compliant video and phone sessions for clients in more than 26 States including Washington, D.C.
Dr. Dena DiNardo Licensed in 26 States
In addition to working directly with clients, Dena enjoys writing blogs and social media posts that help increase mental health awareness, disrupt old and outdated ways of understanding mental health, and expand perspective around self, others, and relationships.

Dena describes her work as vocational, rather than occupational. Early in life, she recognized her penchant for understanding people and relationships. She often felt that she could see the breakdown in communication amongst them and she realized that she could play a role in their repair and healing.

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Dena considers her family, romantic, and social relationships to be as integral to her work as a therapist as they are for the clients she works with. A deeply conscientious therapist, she maintains an ongoing commitment to “doing the work” in her personal time.

When she is not practicing, Dena can be found reading, writing, discovering the country’s oldest and largest bookstores, practicing yoga, and spending quality time with her partner, Risa, and their sweet rescue mutt from Alabama, Hank.


Doctorate of Psychology, Clinical
  • Chestnut Hill College (APA-accredited), graduated magna cum laude 2016
  • Special Interests: Integrative and Collaborative Healthcare, Physicians and Psychology, and Disorders of the Personality
Master of Art, Counseling and Family Therapy
  • La Salle University (COAMFTE-accredited), graduated cum laude 2011
  • Special Interests: Human Sexuality and the Family of Origin, Multigenerational Transmission, Boundaries, and Differentiation.
Bachelor of Art, Communication and General Business
  • The University of Scranton, graduated 2005
  • Special Interests: Interpersonal and Mass Media Communication, Television Production, Radio Broadcasting, and Documentary Film.
Certificate in Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, completed 2018
  • Special Interests: Nutritional Psychiatry, Inflammation and Mental Health Diagnoses, Autoimmune Disorders
Certificate in Divorce Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution Training, Inc., completed 2017
  • Special Interests: Family Law (Marriage, Divorce, Custody)

Clinical Experience.

Dr. Dena DiNardo Therapist
Growth Opportunity Center
Postdoctoral Fellow
Chestnut Hill College Psychological Service
Predoctoral Intern
Lenape Valley Foundation
Therapy Extern
Beachwood NeuroRehab
Neuropsychology Intern
Lenape Valley Foundation
Outpatient Therapist

Teaching Experience.

UPenn Dr. Dena DiNardo Teaching
In 2022, Dr. DiNardo was appointed to teach in the undergraduate Psychology program at The University of Pennsylvania.
Abnormal Psychology
This course introduces students to psychopathology, the study of abnormal behavior. It teaches about clinical presentations, prevalence, course, and outcomes of these disorders. It highlights what we currently know, and do not know, about the causes of these disorders. Students learn not only what clinical scientists have discovered about the nature of mental disorders, but some of the controversial issues and unresolved questions that psychologists face as they seek to better understand, prevent, and alleviate psychological suffering.
LaSalle Dr. Dena DiNardo Teaching
From 2014 until 2020, Dr. DiNardo was active as an adjunct faculty member in the Counseling and Family Therapy Master’s program at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. She taught the following courses:
Systems, Systems Thinking and Ethics
This course provided students with an overview of systemic concepts and systemic functioning. It included structure, development, health, and dysfunction from traditional systemic theoretical constructs and approaches. Particular emphasis was placed on acquiring a systems perspective and applying that perspective to families and other systems.
Couple and Marital Therapy
This course provided students with an understanding of the issues typically addressed in couples’ therapy and the ethical considerations when working with couples. Role-playing was used to illustrate couples’ treatment dynamics and intervention strategies from initial contacts through the treatment process. Special issues in couples therapy, such as the relationship history, communication patterns, sexual intimacy, and the “couple” relationship vs. the “parenting” relationship, were addressed.
Contextual Family Therapy
This course provided an exploration of the convictions, concepts, strategies, and techniques of contextual therapy, a resource-oriented, trust-based modality of healing interventions for individuals, couples, and families.
This course addressed the basic concepts in the construction, selection, administration, scoring, and interpretation of assessment procedures commonly used in psychology. It used major reference works for selecting and evaluating assessment procedures and includes supervised experience in selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting assessment procedures and experience with computer-assisted testing.
Advanced Counseling Laboratory
This course was built on the basic skills practiced and developed in the first counseling laboratory. It provided the student with an intermediate experience and opportunity (prior to field placement) to develop a range of additional counseling skills and strategies, with particular attention given to distinguishing between the content and the process of therapy. Case conceptualization, treatment planning, and progress notes, and personal safety concerns for the counselor/therapist were discussed and covered.
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Dr. Dena DiNardo in WebMD
Dr. Dena DiNardo Featured In
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