Couples Therapy

Dr. DiNardo is particularly excited about the work that she facilitates with couples including but not limited to those that either individually or relationally identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, and/or polyamorous.

In her work with couples, she conceptualizes her treatment focus as “the relationship.” Couple Therapy differs from individual therapy in that the individual psychologies of each person are considered in the context of how it connects to “the relationship”. Couples Therapy usually means beginning a fairly significant journey on the path toward improved communication skills.

Dr. DiNardo’s Approach to Couples Therapy Sessions

For couples coming into treatment, it is often the case that the communication patterns each individual has learned and adapted to throughout their childhood, adolescent, and early adult years proves unsuccessful in their adult romantic relationships.

With this in mind, Dr. DiNardo takes each individual’s family and relationship history into consideration as she works to conceptualize both why and how individuals are approaching difficulties in their relationships in the way that they are. Once established, working to help each person understand themselves as well as understand their partner in a more authentic way becomes the next step of the work. Then, the task becomes assisting the couple in developing a new, more collaborative language that helps each person feel more heard, listened to, validated, and supported.

Most couples are left feeling empowered, more connected to themselves as individuals and to each other as a unit, and able to enjoy a different level of happiness within their lives than they were previously exposed to before the couples work began.

Dr. DiNardo works from a variety of therapeutic perspectives including but not limited to The Gottman Method and Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. She has experience working with couples dealing with issues of emotional, physical, and financial infidelity, co-parenting challenges, family of origin (in-law) and blended family dynamics, and a variety of communication difficulties.

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