Providing Family Therapy

Family therapy is the true experience of Systems Theory at work. It involves zooming in and looking at each member of the family and understanding their individual strengths and areas for growth. At the same time, it also involves zooming out and seeing how the individual family members (or parts) within the family are functioning together as a whole.

Family Therapy is about taking the opportunity to understand how each person in the family is viewing the problem being experienced and about developing a way for everyone to begin to communicate about the problem in a way that leaves each individual feeling heard, understood, and supported.

Dr. DiNardo’s Approach to Family Therapy Sessions

In terms of families with young children, it is often the case that Dr. DiNardo is asked “do you work with kids?” The answer is “yes, but…” Dr. DiNardo is sensitive to the relevant difficulties that are emerging for kids today. Parents seem to be constantly searching for ways to get their children to listen and pay attention more, get their work/chores done in a timely fashion, and/or get along better.

She’s keenly aware of the emotional and behavioral problems that present in social and academic settings and is familiar with the inner workings of 504s and IEPs. Yet, while individual work with kids can help with these challenges, it is often the case that having the parents and/or relevant caregivers involved in this process proves the most successful in terms of outcomes.

Dr. DiNardo is also competent and trained to work with families that consist of adolescent and adult children and to work with families where there are issues of separation, divorce, re-marriage, cross-cultural differences, mental health diagnoses including learning disabilities, step-parenting, death, loss, and transition. Sometimes this work involves having the entire family in the room for sessions and other times it involves unique combinations of people for what the field calls “subsystem work.”

Each family is considered on a unique and case-by-case basis in terms of understanding the presenting issue, understanding the individuals and family as whole, and in determining the most effective treatment option.

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