Providing One-on-One Individual Therapy

Dr. DiNardo has been asked many times about whether or not she is able to work with individuals since she is a “Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist” (LMFT). The answer is a resounding yes! Marriage and Family Therapy may sound like it is all about treating more than one person, however, being an LMFT is more about a mindset, a theoretical orientation if you will.

Being an LMFT simply means that a therapist is a believer in Systems Theory – the idea that individuals are impacted and influenced both from internal and external forces and that these forces are in a constant and dynamic interaction with each other. Systems theory supports treating an individual while learning and understanding the individual in the context of the significant relationships in their lives.

Dr. DiNardo’s Approach to One-on-One Individual Therapy Sessions

As a true systems thinker, Dr. DiNardo focuses much less on determining what diagnostic label best fits her individual clients and much more on the unique existence, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors (past and present) of the individuals whom she feels privileged and honored to work with.

She tends to view feelings of depression, anxiety, inattention, trouble focusing, and low self-esteem as suggestive of imbalances that exist in other areas of a person’s life. Her work with individuals is highly collaborative meaning that she invites her clients to be an active participant in the process of determining what’s happening for them that doesn’t feel good and creating a path toward improvement. Dr. DiNardo has received consistent feedback from her clients that includes appreciating her “warm, supportive, but very direct and engaged energy in the room”.

She believes that her clients unanimously feel the extent of her passion for her work and for the field of helping professionals.

From individual therapy with Dr. DiNardo, clients can look forward to increasing a sense of who they are, whom they’ve been, where they come from, where they are, and gain some clarity about where they might like to go. Dr. DiNardo’s clients learn how to put words to their thoughts and their feelings and understand the way in which these things are understood and perceived by other folks in their lives.

It is her hope that her clients feel more confident, more certain, more supported, and most of all more compassionate towards themselves as human beings.

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